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the answer to is mouthwash important is yes

Is Mouthwash Important?

With countless billboards and ads from manufacturers, many people are always wondering, is mouthwash important? Of course, a mouthwash product is suitable for enhancing your oral health. But it’s only useful if you brush your teeth properly and floss regularly.    Research shows that alcohol-based mouthwashes are effective at killing germs. However, some people worry about…

tips for choosing the best toothpaste

Tips for Choosing the Best Toothpaste

Patients often ask every dentist: what is the best toothpaste? Like selecting a toothbrush, the task of choosing the best toothpaste can be overwhelming. This fact is especially true in today’s society, where entire aisles in stores display different types and brands of toothpaste.   If you’re confused about choosing a suitable tube of toothpaste for…