mouth free from dental cavities in columbus ohioCavities are a common oral health concern. As a matter of fact, the CDC reports that 92 percent of Americans have experienced a dental cavity. Cavities are holes that develop when the tooth covering, also known as enamel, softens. Fortunately, South High Dental has a simple solution: a dental cavity filling. We insert fillings into the destroyed surface. They’re essential to keeping the tooth from cracking or collapsing inward. Equally, fillings prevent nerves from becoming painfully exposed. Getting a dental cavity filling in Columbus Ohio will protect the function of your pearly whites. Through general dentistry services, you receive the filling you need along with preventative care for the future.

Symptoms of a Dental Cavity

Surprisingly, cavities might not cause any symptoms right away. Therefore, it’s important to get regular exams at South High Dental. Otherwise, the cavity will get bigger and make itself known. In other words, the pain will likely begin. By and large, toothaches are the most common sign you need a dental cavity filling. Eating can become a hurtful chore, experiencing pain when you bite down. Drinking something very hot or cold might also cause sensitivity. Not to mention, you could notice changes in your tooth. For instance, darker stains could appear on the enamel. Rarely, patients can see larger holes forming too. When any of these indicators show up, it’s time for an X-ray. Immediately, our dentists can decide if a Columbus Ohio dental cavity is required.

Common Causes of Dental Cavities

At South High Dental, we know cavities aren’t fun. But, knowing what causes the need for a Columbus Ohio dental cavity filling might help prevent them. For example, missing tooth brushings commonly leads to cavities. After all, not cleaning food and bacteria off your teeth twice daily causes plaque. Thus, this yellowish film eats away at the tooth’s surface and digs holes. Particularly, sugary candies, gums, and sodas speed up the decay. Also, lacking enough saliva puts you at risk. Medicines that cause dry mouth are worrisome. Occasionally, people with chronic heartburn may develop decay from stomach acids up against the throat. Likewise, vomiting often from an illness or eating disorder hurts the enamel. Being a child or senior also increases your chance of needing a dental cavity filling.

How a Dental Cavity Filling Works

Usually, South High Dental can perform a Columbus Ohio dental cavity filling in one hour. First, our dentists inject a numbing solution called novocaine to block any pain. Second, we scrape layers of decay off the tooth’s top and carefully clean the area. Then, the dental cavity filling is laid perfectly in place. Presently, the fillings are made of composite resin, metal, or ceramic. Next, our detail-oriented dentists shape the material until it resembles nearby teeth. Afterward, dental tools are used to buff up the new tooth surface. Finally, our staff will provide care directions for avoiding damage or infection. Of course, you should stop having hard and sticky foods for at least one day. However, you’ll continue brushing and flossing as normal for good hygiene.

Schedule a Columbus Ohio Dental Cavity Filling

Think you have a cavity? Without delay, reach out to South High Dental to make certain tooth decay doesn’t worsen. Located south of Interstate 104, our Columbus dental services center specializes in oral health. Since 1978, we’ve helped patients maintain stunning smiles at affordable prices. Markedly, our team led by Dr. Matt Paulson and Dr. Shadee Mansour personalize dental care to each patient’s needs. In fact, we prioritize short waits to minimize time out of work and school. Our spectrum of care options includes:

Don’t suffer from unnecessary tooth pain. Instead, get a professional cavity check at South High Dental. If needed, our licensed dentists will ultimately place a dental cavity filling. Contact South High Dental at 614-922-8952 for an appointment during our extended hours.