For many people, finding self-confidence starts with loving their smiles. In fact, it’s easy to spot those who don’t love their smiles. dental lumineersThey never smile in pictures or when they meet new people. Thankfully you can choose between dental lumineers and dental veneers in Columbus, Ohio to improve your smiles, which boosts your confidence.

What Are Dental Lumineers?

First, it’s important to learn about dental Lumineers. In short, they’re a brand-name version of veneers. These dental appliances are very thin covers that dentists attach to patients’ teeth. The goal of these shell-like covers is to hide cosmetic teeth issues.

People might seek dental Lumineers Columbus Ohio in order to cover up chips and gaps in their teeth. Likewise, they can use Lumineers to hide stains on their teeth that professional teeth whitening simply can’t fix.

Some dental offices refer to veneers as porcelain laminates. Regardless of what they call them, their purpose remains the same. People invest in Lumineers to create the smiles that they’ve always wanted.

Why Choose Lumineers?

If dental Lumineers are just a brand name, why don’t patients choose generic veneers? After all, brand-name products are typically more expensive than their generic counterparts. The reason is that there are a few benefits of choosing Lumineers over the standard versions.

The first and more noticeable difference is that Lumineers aren’t as thick as traditional veneers. This thinner structure makes Lumineers easier for dentists to attach to people’s teeth. With the brand name, they don’t have to file down the teeth as much.

Also, Lumineers tend to last longer and have less of a risk of breaking. Some experts believe that Lumineers more closely match the color of real teeth as well.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Lumineers?

There aren’t many drawbacks to dental Lumineers other than their slightly higher price. In some situations, though, people might benefit from standard veneers instead. One example is when they have badly stained teeth.

One of the benefits of Lumineers is their thinness. Because they’re so thin, bad stains may still be noticeable through them. As a result, badly stained teeth might benefit more from thicker veneers.

What Does Getting Lumineers Entail?

Typically, it takes three visits to get dental Lumineers in Columbus, Ohio. The first visit is all about dentists discussing Lumineers and determining patients’ goals from treatment. After hearing the goals, dentists can decide if Lumineers are a good fit for patients. If they are, dentists get impressions and dental X-rays.

During the second visit, dentists prepare the teeth for the procedure. This usually involves removing some enamel from the teeth. Afterward, they take more impressions of the filed teeth. These impressions go to a lab where experts customize the Lumineers.

The third and final visit is about properly attaching the Lumineers. During this visit, dentists make sure that they fit correctly.

Get Your Lumineers at South High Dental

Are you in need of dental Lumineers in Columbus, Ohio? If so, you can’t go wrong with choosing South High Dental for your treatment. We provide numerous dental services, including traditional veneers and Lumineers. Some of the other dental services that we offer include:

At South High Dental, we’re proud to work on both adults and children. That makes our dental practice the perfect option for families that need family dentistry. You don’t have to split your time looking for two different dentists for you and your children.

Don’t wait to get the smile of your dreams. Find out if dental Lumineers are right for you or if you would benefit more from standard veneers. Contact South High Dental today at 614.363.2462 to learn more about our dental services.