When it comes to caring for your oral health, you want the best team by your side. However, many individuals head to the first office they find without doing their homework. This mistake usually results in long wait times, wasted vacation days, poor service, and just overall uneasiness. Instead of spending your vacation days at a dental office that makes you uncomfortable, learn more about South High Dental.

Our Team

Since 1989, South High Dental has been an integral component of the Columbus, Ohio community. We believe that patients should feel comfortable and cared for during their dental visits. That’s why we work hard to create an environment that is inviting and welcoming while also being informative and professional.

We believe that patients deserve to have as much information as possible about their oral health. For this reason, we strive to educate our patients about oral care so they can take an active role in their treatment.

As you learn more about South High Dental, you learn about the pride we take in continuing our education and training. Our team attends conventions and educational courses to ensure we are up to date on the latest procedures, techniques, and equipment. At South High Dental, when we learn, you learn.

Our Office

While our dental team enjoys spending their days in our office, we understand that our patients might not feel the same. We work hard to keep appointment times short and efficient so our patients receive the care they need without spending unnecessary time away from their busy lives. Also, we now offer extended business hours along with weekend hours.

Our Services

To learn about South High Dental is to learn about our dental services. We provide a variety of general dentistry services to ensure our patients receive precisely what they need for their oral health. Some of our services include:


Whether through traditional braces or newer methods, orthodontic options allow you to gain the straight smile you’ve always wanted.


Bi-yearly cleaning appointments allow trained professionals to give your teeth and gums a deep cleaning that your daily cleanings can’t accomplish.


We use the latest technology to take x-rays of your mouth so we can better examine your oral health.


A crown provides full coverage to protect a damaged or decayed tooth and prevents further harm from taking place.


No matter how hard you try, sometimes cavities happen.

Learn More About South High Dental

South High Dental wants to invite you to become a new patient and join our dental family! Fill out our new patient form to begin making an appointment for our services. If you need to know more about South High Dental, call us today at (614) 922-8952.