Model teeth and retainersWhen it comes to orthodontics services, many components and procedures take place. Dental retainers are strong mouthpieces worn to straighten teeth. In particular, they’re rounded plastic or metal bases that attach to teeth by wire. Usually, retainers are for preventing shifting after teens and adults get their braces removed.

At South High Dental, we custom make retainers for keeping pearly whites perfect long term. First, our licensed dentists will mold a thick liquid called alginate around your teeth. Of course, we carry several flavors to make the taste more enjoyable. Second, our experienced lab uses the model to form the right retainer shape. Next, you’ll return to our Columbus office in a week for a fitting. Our detail-oriented team will make sure the retainer isn’t rubbing or irritating your gums.

Two Types of Dental Retainers

Above all, South High Dental believes in meeting each orthodontics patient’s unique needs. For that reason, we offer two different yet effective kinds of retainers. To clarify, both fixed or removable retainers are available. Fixed retainers are worn around the clock 24/7. We fasten the wire to the back of your top and bottom teeth. Hence, taking out the fixed retainer cemented in place isn’t possible. We suggest this option for large gaps needing the most treatment. Although, some patients want the fixed method to ensure they always wear it.

On the other hand, removable retainers like Invisalign replace cement with clasps to click in and out. Ergo, the clear plastic can be worn all day or only overnight. While easier to keep clean, removable dental retainers are also easier to lose.

Benefits of Wearing a Retainer

Generally, getting your dental braces off is a happy day. However, that’s not the last step to a beautiful smile. In reality, you’ll likely have to wear a retainer for at least six months. After all, it’s possible for your teeth to move back to their crooked shape slowly. Thus, dental retainers help the gum tissues fully adjust to the correct position. Then, dental retainers reduce the risk of plaque buildup and cavities. After all, straight teeth are easier to brush and floss properly. Further, the retainer could stop snoring and teeth grinding during the night. Sometimes, the device also fixes speech problems by changing the tongue’s movements. Ultimately, a retainer installed by South High Dental in Columbus Ohio is a great investment.

Tips for Retainer Maintenance

Presently, South High Dental is proudly offering affordable dental retainers to Columbus Ohio residents. Nevertheless, we want retainers to last as long as you need them. That means taking good care of them. For instance, cleaning the retainer regularly to remove food debris and bacteria is essential. Indeed, removable plastic retainers can split into two when dried out. By and large, most people buy denture cleaning solutions to soak it in.

Additionally, mouthwash like Listerine can kill the harmful germs lurking on it. Remember that soaking liquids must be room temperature to avoid warping. Moreover, our Columbus dentists provide sturdy retainer cases. Obviously, it should remain in the case whenever it’s outside your mouth. Doing so should prevent bent wires and damaged plastic. To ensure your teeth are at their very best, we also recommend returning to the office for general dentistry services like cleanings and x-rays.

Quality Orthodontics Care in Columbus Ohio

Embarrassed by your twisted or overlapping teeth? As shown above, South High Dental can make improvements that last a lifetime. Markedly, our Columbus retainers use the latest high-tech design for effectiveness and comfort. Without delay, we’ll schedule your retainer fitting during our flexible hours. Plus, most major insurances cover our treatments, including:

Don’t keep hiding your teeth with closed lip smiles. Instead, let South High Dental work your chompers into perfect shape. Notably, our Ohio practice has over 40 years of experience fitting dental retainers. Contact South High Dental today at 614-922-8952 for a consultation.