A root canal treatment helps your dentist save a badly decayed or damaged tooth, one where the trauma or infection has impacted your tooth nerve. This treatment requires a skilled dentist, one able to perform oral surgery. Some dentists perform the procedure in their own office, whereas others refer to specialized dentists with more experience. At South High Dental in Columbus, OH, you receive these dental services without having to visit another provider.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment?

root canal procedures in south columbusThe root canal procedure involves the pulp chamber of your tooth. This chamber, called the root canal, travels from inside your tooth crown to its bottom tip, called the apex. Each of your teeth has one to four of these canals. Front teeth have one to two, whereas your more prominent back teeth have up to four.

Your tooth’s root chamber contains the tooth pulp, its nerve. Damaging this nerve makes the root canal procedure important. Then, only by performing this treatment can your dentist save your tooth from decay and eventual loss.

Tooth pulp or nerve damage occurs in multiple ways. Some of the most common reasons for a root canal procedure include:

  • Decay that enters the pulp after working through enamel and dentin
  • Infection known as an abscess, caused by decay
  • Chips, breaks or other trauma in your tooth exposing the nerve
  • A slowly dying tooth that suffered past trauma or is simply aging

The Root Canal Procedure

The root canal procedure usually takes one to two visits to South High Dental. Your dentist will help you understand how many appointments your treatment will require. This helps you plan for convenient visit scheduling, also helping you avoid taking up precious vacation time for your dental needs.

Sometimes you need to start taking antibiotics several days before the treatment begins. As part of your procedure, you likely need periapical X-rays, too. The dentist uses these images to ensure complete treatment of the affected area.

The first step in your treatment appointment is the numbing of the tooth area. You will feel no more pressure or discomfort than you typically do for a filling. Your dentist uses a dental drill to enter the tooth pulp chamber, then removing the damaged pulp and infected tissues.

After the dentist cleans out the tooth cavity, he or she dries the area, seals it with gutta-percha and places a filling. Some root canal treatments necessitate placement of a crown over the tooth, to add strength and durability.

Your anesthesia wears off within the next hour or so after your appointment. You can expect some soreness. For any discomfort, use an over-the-counter pain reliever or one your dentist recommends. You also possibly need to take antibiotics to treat the remaining infection or prevent new problems.

Root Canals in Columbus Ohio

In Columbus, South High Dental provides root canals and other treatments needed for your best oral health. These dental services include:

Never use your precious vacation time to meet your family’s dental needs. Instead, take advantage of short wait times and convenient scheduling for children and adults at South High Dental. The office is located south of Interstate 104 and provides the high tech dental treatment and friendly environment you seek for your dental care.

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