panoramic xrayInvesting in the newest dental technologies helps your dental office provide patients with the best care. One example of great dental technologies is the panoramic dental X ray. This essential equipment actually provides life-saving insights for many people each year. For others, it helps the dentist see problem areas early and treat dental disease more effectively.

Your dentist has options for your next dental X ray Columbus Ohio. He chooses between multiple technologies, including:

  • Periapical dental X ray
  • Occlusal dental X ray
  • Bitewing dental X ray
  • Panoramic dental X ray
  • Tomogram
  • CT scan
  • Sialography

The X ray chosen does not just help you preserve or improve your dental. These imaging studies can also save your life. This is certainly true for a panoramic dental X ray Columbus Ohio, even when not covered by insurance.

What is a panoramic dental X ray?

A panoramic dental X ray provides a view of your entire mouth in one image. Instead of seeing an image of your dental health tooth-by-tooth or one area at a time, you dentist sees the bigger picture at once. This X ray shows your teeth, head and neck bones and other structures.

Bitewings only show closeup images of your teeth. But panoramic X ray provides a global view of your dental structures to see cavities, gum disease and other oral health problems. At the same time and in one image, it also enables your dentist to see abnormalities in surrounding tissues and jaw bones. Your dentist finds oral cancer and other conditions not isolated to one or more teeth.

Why does my dentist order a panoramic dental X ray Columbus Ohio?

Your dentist only requests the imaging studies he or she needs to provide your best dental care at a specific point in time, or as part of a long term treatment plan. A dentist requests a panoramic dental X ray to improve your dental care, detect problems early, find changes in your oral health, track development and prolong your life.

In fact, a panoramic dental X ray Columbus Ohio plays a critical role in finding disease early, when it is still treatable and less expensive to treat. They also help your dentist find cysts, tumors, jaw abnormalities, cancer and other growths. These imaging studies also help determine whether your teeth are shifting, you suffer TMJ problems or your bones are changing. In children, the dentist uses these full views for orthodontic care and to see wisdom teeth.

How does a panoramic X ray work?

When you get a panoramic dental X ray Columbus Ohio, the process takes place with your head and body positioned within the frame of a large, open apparatus. You usually go into a special room in the dentist’s office, to take these images. The X ray technician helps you position your head properly, using some guides and headrests built into the machine.

The panoramic dental X ray Columbus Ohio only requires about 30 seconds to complete its imaging. The machine rotates smoothly around your head in a semi-circle to capture these images. You feel no discomfort and the process proves quick and easy. Once completed, you return to the dentist’s chair and await the results of your X rays.

Panoramic X Rays and Other Dental Care in Columbus, OH

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